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Project Focus: Develop a Person-Tester Application (Java)
Contribution/Role: Application Developer
Technology/Skills: Java, NetBeans IDE

Description: This project utilized advanced Java programming components, including interfaces, classes, polymorphism, and validation. The application took input from the end-user, validated the input, and then prompted for additional information based on the type of "Person" the user initially entered.The application then returned the information in a readable format back to the user.

Challenges: The challenges of this project included maintaining proper superclass and subclass interactions. The superclass "Person" was broken down using "Customer" and "Employee" subclasses which inherited "Person." This project also introduced the concept of polymorphism by having the subclasses overwrite the output string originally given in the superclass to suit their needs.

Reflection: This project was beneficial because it utilized Java knowledge from the previous introductory class and built upon it by incorporating classes to make the application run more efficiently.

Project Focus: Develop a completed SportsPro Application website and deploy it onto the web server
Contribution/Role: Web Application Developer
Technology/Skills: ASP.NET (VB), Visual Studio 2010 Professional, IIS, web server deployment, Visual Basic

Description: This project incorporated all the sections learned in the ASP.NET course. It used previous pages developed for earlier labs (with corrections when applicable) to create a full website experience for the user. The SportsPro Application was a web-based application where users could log in to view and edit various pages, such as customer ticket information, that are connected to a SQL database. The three groups ("Admin", "Tech", and "Customer") could view only their applicable side of the website.

Challenges: The challenging part of this final project was deploying it onto the web server. To deploy the project, I had to remote into the CMIS web server on campus from my home computer (after making a secure connection), and use IIS (Internet Information Services) Management Console to deploy my application onto the web server.

Reflection: This project used everything I learned throughout the semester, and the project built itself up throughout the course. While deploying my project to the web server, I encountered some issues due to the web server not responding correctly. However, the problem was fixed, and my end application ended up working flawlessly. Out of all my projects, this web application is one of my favorites.

Project Focus: Analyze a company pamphlet and create a database structure and model diagram
Contribution/Role: Team Member
Technology/Skills: SQL, database design, ER diagrams, normalization, group communication, Microsoft Visio 2010

Description: In this project my team was given a printed advertisement for a fictional printer company. We were required to analyze the pamphlet's ordering section and devise an ER diagram and database design that could be used to fill and retrieve customer information based on their proposed orders. We also had to take into account multiple software packages offered by the company when making an order.

Challenges: The challenge for this project was the normalization process. Several tables needed to be broken down further than anticipated, resulting in modifications of both the ER diagram and the structured design.

Reflection: I enjoy breaking things down into database tables and diagrams, and this project offered me a chance to learn more about how to approach similar problems within a group setting. My team was very intelligent and cooperative in the process. We spent hours after class to discuss our design and to offer suggestions for altering our design to suit the project’s needs more efficiently. It was a very comfortable group project where everyone participated and offered their input to reach the end goal of the assignment, leading to a well-developed final diagram and design.

Project Focus: Analyze the Dell installation process on campus and provide recommendations
Contribution/Role: Team Member
Technology/Skills: General IT knowledge, critical thinking, research and analysis abilities, Microsoft Power Point 2010

Description: The basis of this project included analyzing the steps and areas involved in the current Dell installations across campus as well as offering recommendations for simplifying the process. To take on this large project, my group and I interviewed several ITS technicians to gain insight on their opinion of the process. In addition, as part of our ITS Help Desk internship, my group spent time disassembling old units, checking out units to be scrubbed and returned, checking in new Dell units as they were delivered, and assembling new Dell units for the labs with help from the technicians – allowing us hands-on experience with the process itself. After gathering this information, my group spent time discussing possible alternatives to make the process more efficient – introducing new software for inventory management, redesigning the ordering website, and having student workers in charge of the check-in process (thus, freeing up the technicians to spend time on tickets) were a few of our recommendations.

Challenges: The challenges of this project were the initial open requirements. However, after meeting with ITS Manager, Michael Pulley, at the beginning of the project, the direction to take became clear. This project used our critical thinking skills as we devised ideas of what could improve the process. In addition, this project allowed us to use skills we have learned from other business courses, such as management and production. Our group had to take into account how our decisions could affect management of employees (such as allowing technicians to respond to tickets instead of spending time in the check-in process) as well as analyze the overall production process of how the computers moved along the chain to their final destination (including the ordering relationship with Dell).

Reflection: I worked with a wonderful group on this project that offered reasonable suggestions for how to improve the process. Although it was initially a difficult project, our team chemistry allowed us to work together efficiently and think outside of the box in regards to the process.